Todd is a dramaturg focused on new works. He has helped prepare a number of scripts for their mainstage debuts and is almost always consulting with one playwright or another about their latest drafts. Past playwrights include: Jacob York (Initiative), Bess Welden (Deathwings, Refuge Malja), Callie Kimball (Untitled Suffragist Play, Things That Are Round), Eleanor Burgess (Sparks fly Upwards, The Niceties), Kevin R. Free (Night of the Living N-Word!!), Monica Wood (The Half Light), Brendan Pelsue (Read to Me), Brenda Withers (String Around My Finger), and many more. If you’re interested in contacting him about freelance dramaturgy rates click here. Below you can read testimonials from some of the writers he’s worked with.


Todd is one of my top dramaturgs. He’s one of the few people I trust with a messy first draft. He has a spectacularly granular eye for the tiniest of details, while simultaneously engaging on the much larger questions around scope and theme. What I find most helpful about working with Todd is his ability to ask sincere questions that stimulate even more questions and new ideas. I was struggling with the ending to “Things That Are Round” a few years ago—I’d revised it over 30 times—and during a long conversation at a Starbucks, he asked just the right questions. I ended up flipping a significant event in the play to its reverse, and in doing so found the ending of the play. He’s incredibly well read, and also is a fantastic director and writer himself, so his perspective is that of an all-around excellent multi-hyphenate. Believe me, you want him to work on your play!
— Callie Kimball, Playwright
Todd Backus has given feedback on three of my plays and all three have benefited immensely from his scholarship. He’s incisive, thoughtful, and his vast and varied experience with new work is absolutely invaluable. His focus WILL make your work better.
— Jacob York, Playwright/Performer